Professional and effective apartment management service

What is apartment management service?

  • Too busy, don’t have much time to manage and take care of house.
  • The foreigner owner of the apartment is not familiar with the real estate lease contract, how to resolve the situation when a tenant dispute occurs, etc.
  • It is difficult to control the costs incurred in the process of providing rental services, especially the repair and maintenance fees of each apartment.
  • Trouble in managing bills for housing/boarding services, electricity, water, parking
  • The number of apartments for rent is large, it is difficult to capture information of tenants and send notices of building and apartment news to customers.
  • Afraid that tenants do not have a sense of preserving assets and equipment in the apartment
  • It takes a lot of time to post an apartment for rent, leading guests to see it before deciding to rent
  • Effectively exploit the profitability of rental apartments on an annual basis, constantly increasing the value of the apartment in the long term.
  • Designed and operated according to a professional process, the owner / investor can monitor the service business situation and data and results remotely through statistical reports provided by the apartment management services.
  • Ensure requirements on hygiene, fire prevention, security and order of the building
  • Maintain the apartment, limit the deterioration and reduce the cost of repairing and replacing equipment
  • Increase business revenue and profit
  • Monitor and support tenants quickly.
  • Building a price list for apartment rentals
  • Post an apartment for rent, receive guests to see and close the contract
  • Drafting an apartment rental contract, ensuring the interests of the landlord in the terms of the contract.
  • Manage tenant information. Send the fastest notice to tenants about general information of the building (such as schedule of power cuts, unexpected water, notice of electricity and water charges, time of service charge collection, …)
  • Support homeowners, or investors with registration and tax declaration procedures
  • Collect service fees from apartment tenants. At the same time, send a notice to the owner, the investor reports monthly income and expenditure.
  • Manage and maintain building equipment according to schedule
  • Cleaning and sanitizing, security guard duty, fire prevention inspection
  • Inspect and propose solutions to repair and renovate real estate to increase profits for homeowners and investors

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