Optimizing rental and tenant marketing

Choice will advise on solutions to optimize profits from rentals, reach people who need to rent quickly, reduce the time it takes to empty rooms, and do not generate income. So is optimization difficult?

While the market economy is down, the demand for housing is still very high. It is no longer easy to access loans to buy houses or invest in real estate, so renting a house to reduce the burden of interest on loans is a necessary action. Or the landlord/investor in a situation that has not been sold, actively optimizing the rental is very important to generate cash flow.

Profit optimization

Large houses with many floors and many rooms are often difficult to rent out to 1 guest. Because each guest’s needs and budget are different, it can be difficult to use the full capacity of a home. If you are reluctant to rent to only one tenant because it is difficult to reach tenants, it will be a waste of space and suboptimal profits.

Or we can advise landlords to renovate and repair function rooms to suit the needs of each tenant. Each apartment, house has wasted space that, if the business knows how to take advantage and exploit it, it can create value for other tenants or increase profits for themselves.

Search for tenants quickly and continuously

The way to find tenants quickly is to use the target marketing method: Focus on the characteristics of each house, analyze the advantages and disadvantages, emphasize the differences of houses on the same street, in the same block. Then bring this information to customers using the company’s online platforms, and promote and reach customers.

The biggest thing is that we don’t want to try to hide information, fake or misrepresent the house or use illustrations of other real estate, because when tenants come to see the house directly, they will notice it too. Therefore, Choice always believes in bringing honesty and transparency to both landlords and tenants, customers will always be satisfied with your home, it is true to their preferences and real needs.

Efficiently operate and manage rental housing to optimize costs

Surely you are very interested in how to collect rent from guests on time, if tenants are late, should remind guests to pay or not? The company will provide a variety of payment methods so that customers have more options to transfer money wherever they are. The company has teams that specialize in debt calculation, and remind customers when payment is due.

We also warn tenants about paying service fees on time so that there is no water cut – power cut. Or if we receive a schedule of water outage – power outage, we will notify the customer immediately, so that the customer has a plan to prepare.

We will also take care of the registration of temporary residence, fire protection equipment and necessary permits for the rental house to comply with the law.

Caring for tenants thoughtfully and conscientiously

We always care and support tenants wholeheartedly, which is one of the important factors to get long-term tenants for your home. Besides, focus on good guests and gradually limit bad tenants.

In a house, bad tenants drive good guests away. If you don’t get rid of the bad tenants and keep the good ones, other bad tenants will come to fill your house. Thus, you will have bad experiences when doing business with them such as: Late payment, disorderly, unsanitary and property destruction.

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