Industrial Intelligence


Industrial intelligence harnesses advanced technologies like machine learning to analyze data from industrial processes. This data-driven approach optimizes operations and unlocks new levels of efficiency for factories and other industrial settings.

Core Values

  • Intelligent Employment Innovation (Talent Acquisition, Employee Development and Training, Employee Engagement and Retention).
  • Intelligent Startup Innovation (Idea Generation and Validation, Development and Optimization, Funding and Investment).
  • Intelligent Management Innovation (Data-Driven Decision Making, Intelligent Automation, Collaborative Intelligence).
  • Intelligent Work Innovation (Intelligent Workflows and Automation, Enhanced Collaboration and Communication, Data-Driven Insights and Learning).


  • Intellectualization of Technology (Leveraging AI and Machine Learning, Enhanced capabilities: Automation of complex tasks, Data analysis and insights, Adaptive learning and decision-making).
  • Intellectualization of Products (AI and Sensor Integration, Enhanced Functionality: Personalization, Predictive Maintenance, Automated Tasks, Improved User Interaction).
  • Intellectualization of Enterprises (Data-driven decision-making, Automation and optimization, Improved customer experience).