Applications for Certifications 

Certification Procedure: 

  1. Apply for Certification
  2. Pay Certification Fee
  3. Submit Certification Survey
  4. Certification Review and Audit
  5. Certificate Issuance

Certification Renewal (Validity: 2 Years): 

  1. Submit Renewal Application
  2. Pay Renewal Fee (20% discount on original fee)
  3. Review and Issue Renewal Certificate

Technical Process-Based Review:

  • Industrial Intelligence: AI application process and configuration review. 
  • IT Technology: Development implementation process review. 
  • Data: Process and configuration review from analog to digitization. 
  • AI Technology: Machine learning algorithms and model management review. 
  • Performance Evaluation: Verification and performance evaluation review. 
  • Product Intelligence: Application of AI in actual industries. 
  • Operation Management: Development and operation processes review.

Review by Certification Type:

  1. R&D Certifications: Continuous verification and performance evaluation review. 
  2. Technical/Product Certifications: Practical process elements and technology usage review. 
  3. Quality/Test Certifications: Technology application and management system review. 
  4. Company Certifications: Management factors and budget/investment review. 
  5. Operational/Management Certifications: Detailed execution and management elements review. 
  6. Sustainable Growth Certification: Review of SDGs, ESG, and DX elements. 

Advancement of Certification Process and System:

Continuous improvement of certification management systems and indicators through AI centers and expert committees.